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Can I Use the Skin Sonic During Pregnancy?Updated a year ago

Good news! Just like the Crystal Hair Eraser, our Bleame™ Skin Sonic is safe for use during pregnancy.

Your well-being and safety are incredibly important to us, and we want to make sure you have the best and most comfortable experience with our product. To help you make the most of this incredible tool while pregnant, we've compiled some helpful tips and suggestions.

Before getting started, we recommend having a quick chat with your healthcare provider. They can give you personalized advice to make the most of the benefits while considering your unique situation and needs.

We're here for you at every step. If you have any questions or need help, just reach out. We're more than happy to assist!

Happy and safe pampering! 


During pregnancy, your skin may be more delicate due to hormonal changes. 

Be sure to do a small patch test before using the Skin Sonic to avoid any allergic reactions or irritation and ensure a pleasant experience. Your skin's health and happiness are top priority!

For more usage information, particularly for delicate skin, and other helpful articles, feel free to explore our Help Center. We have a wealth of resources to support you in achieving the best results and ensuring your skin's well-being.


You know your body better than anyone, so pay attention to how your skin responds.

If you notice any unusual reactions or discomfort, it's wise to pause and consult your healthcare provider. Your well-being is of utmost importance to us, and we want you to feel confident and secure throughout the process.

During pregnancy, skin and hair growth patterns can change and skin can become a little delicate. So safety first, always!


We recommend taking extra care to achieve the best results and avoid any discomfort or irritation. Use gentle and controlled movements. 

Take your time when using the Bleame™ Skin Sonic. Apply light pressure while holding the device at a 90-degree angle to your skin. Use slow, circular motions, moving in the direction of hair growth and focusing on small areas at a time. 

For a more comfortable hair removal experience, keep your skin hydrated. Use the Skin Sonic after a bath or shower when your skin is moisturized. Avoid excessive heat for at least 24 hours before hair removal, as it can make skin more sensitive. 

Always remember to do aftercare. 💜 

Please keep in mind that every individual's skin is unique and each one may have different experiences with each method. What works best for one person may not be the same for another. Take note of your results and adapt your routine accordingly to achieve the most effective and comfortable hair removal experience with the Skin Sonic.


Keep your Skin Sonic clean and sanitized to avoid any risk of infection. Make sure to clean it thoroughly after each use and avoid sharing it with others to prevent the spread of bacteria or infections.


  • Consult with your healthcare provider before using any new product or hair removal method during pregnancy.
  • Do a patch test on small areas of your skin before using the Skin Sonic on larger areas — one using the damp method and the other using the dry method.
  • Use light pressure and avoid pulling the skin too tightly.
  • Be attentive to your skin’s reactions and respond accordingly. 
  • Give extra care to your skin and use gentle and controlled movements. 
  • Take your time and follow instructions carefully, moving your  Bleame™ Skin Sonic in slow, circular motions in the direction of hair growth. Do aftercare.
  • Avoid sharing your Skin Sonic with others, and make sure to keep it clean and sanitized. 


Using the Bleame™ Skin Sonic during pregnancy is considered safe with proper precautions and usage. However, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before getting started for advice tailored to suit your situation and needs.  

After a successful patch test, enjoy your Skin Sonic by following the instructions mentioned, and remember to be extra gentle with your skin at this time to avoid discomfort or irritation. Safety first and always! 

Have a wonderful hair removal experience and an incredible pregnancy! 

Please be advised that all content and resources provided by Bleame™ are strictly intended for informational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice or a replacement for professional medical treatment. In the event of any medical concerns or emergencies, it is crucial to consult with your healthcare provider and promptly contact emergency services.

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